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About Us:

Baobab Advertising & Branding Agency is the marketing & branding solutions service delivery unit of Business Strategists & Custodians. The BAB Agency uses innovative brand creation & optimized end-user research to drive sales, grow markets, leverage consumer insights & more as it creates benchmark brands for the region in addition to transforming how marketing, branding & advertising departments tackle their activities. Our services cater to growth hacking, content creation, sales development, marketing campaign management & more.

Owing to its unique, short & precise mantra, "Sold!" - our agency rarely deviates from accomplishing its predefined objectives, if ever. Our primary strategy is to build brands that matter in a dynamic, loud & hyper-connected marketplace. BAB deploys a rich blend of the best in communications, experience, commerce & technology for the benefit of our clients. Unique solutions offered by the agency include:

a.) Ad Tests
b.) Brand Health
c.) Concept Test
d.) Customer Satisfaction
e.) Market Segmentation
f. ) Product Test
g.) Price Test
h.) Usage Attitudes

The agency also has two unique offshoots to which it turns to for unique services:

1. Hue Milieu AV Studios - which is a crowd-sourced pull of designers ranging from graphic designers, animators, photographers & more who specialize in the creation of audio-visual content for campaigns. The crowd-sourced format ensures that designs remain trendy.

2. Mnemosyne IRES - which is a research entity that relays heavily on its pool of panelists for its insights. The comprehensive group of panelists,  who are primarily members of the public enables our teams to tell you what the current East African consumer is saying. Other services offered by Mnemosyne IRES include:

a.) Data Collection
b.) In-House Research
c.) Custom Research

Why You Should Join Us:

As you venture into the vastness of Eastern Africa’s complex consumer markets, you will need an assuring partner who knows how things are done in the region & in addition, one who knows how to get things done.

Our expertise in branding & design, service design, platforms & applications allows us to create vivid, compelling and hyper-relevant brand experiences for your clients. Further, through our research, we are able to draw unique consumer insights that demystify the complex marketplace in the Eastern African region.

The BAB Agency deploys a rich blend of the best in communications, experience, commerce & technology for the benefit of our clients. Set your brand apart by subscribing to our leading capabilities in advertising, content, media investment, public relations, corporate culture & public affairs.

Getting Started:

To access our broad array of services, request to have an account opened on this platform & our Front Desk Bureau will respond immediately & instruct you accordingly.

For swift processing, potential clients are requested to submit all their necessary details when prompted to create a profile during the account creation process.